GB Whatsapp Themes 9.45 Latest Version Best Collection Free Download

November 12, 2022

App Name GB Whatsapp Themes
Version Latest Version
Size 60 Mbps
MOD For Android
Get it On Google Play
Requirement Android 5.1+
Developer AlexMods, GB Mods (Omar)
Last Updated September 27, 2023

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GB Whatsapp Themes 9.45 Latest Version Best Collection Free Download

If you use the same thing for a long time, you may lose interest in it and want something new. The same is with whatsapp; if you use the same theme, you can get bored with it and want to try some new themes to make your whatsapp fresh or beautiful. If you are using GB Whatsapp, you can download plenty of themes and apply them to make your whatsapp pretty. You can always download new themes or can save them to use later. If you want to restore your previously used theme, there is also an option. Here is the step-by-step guide to downloading and applying themes in GB Whatsapp. Pay attention and use themes to have an amazing interface look on your whatsapp.

Thems of GB Whatsapp

Chelsea Theme:

It is a very cool and simple theme. If you like the plain look, you can download this stunning theme to get a plain and simple look. It is very small, and you can use it to customize the interface to a plain look.

Madrid View Theme

You can download this theme to view the Real Madrid location on your whatsapp. It will turn your interface view into Madrid Place.

High in the Sky Theme

If you love helicopters, then you will surely love this theme. You will see a desert location where a helicopter is going to its destination. You can download this plain desert scenery theme to have a beautiful view in the app.

Its Google Theme

By downloading this awesome theme, you can change your GB Whatsapp interface and look into an old-age video game interface. You will have a view of a video game with a combination of stunning colors.

Helado Theme

You can customize your dashboard and chat view by downloading this theme. You will get an Ice cream shaded Home screen in your app that will amaze you.

Heart Theme

It is a lovely GB Whatsapp theme that can turn your app interface into heart signs. This theme will fill your app screen with heart signs that you will surely like.

Toast Theme

Suppose you are bored with using different types of themes but did not get anyone that will fit your whatsapp interface. You can download this Toast theme. It has a summer beach view template that will customize your interface into a cool look.

Foot Ball Theme

If you love to play Football, you will also like this beautiful theme. This theme will turn your app interface into Football Game Visuals. You can download this sporty theme to have a wonderful view of Football visuals.

Cartoon Theme

Everyone enjoys cartoons. This theme's graphics are based on cartoons. It will make your GB Whatsapp interface look like a comic look. This fantastic theme will captivate you.

The Swan Theme

Suppose you did not like the dark themes or want to have a light interface. You can download this theme that has a Swan background picture. You can download and apply this theme to turn your GB Whatsapp display into a light-colored interface.

Skull Theme

This theme will give your whatsapp interface a deadly look. There is a skull background in this theme. You can download this theme to have a skull in the middle of your conversations.

Rapid Theme

This theme has three different color combinations that will give your app a gorgeous look. The template has Yellow, Redish colors graphics that provide a full-width view of your GB Whatsapp display.

Barcelona Theme

You can download this theme to view Barcelona on your GB Whatsapp. It has a logo and icon of Barcelona city. It is a stunning theme. You can turn your whatsapp interface into a Barcelona city view by applying it.

Skiing Theme

This theme design is based on Skiing Game. You can download and apply this theme to fit the picture of Skiing players in your GB Whatsapp. You can type the theme name in the search bar of GB Whatsapp themes to get it.

Cutie Theme

The background of this theme features adorable bird images. It is a lovely and relaxing theme with bluish tones. These vibrant colors will enhance the appearance of your interface.

Apple iPhone Theme

Many users use Android smartphones and want to make their mobile look like iPhones. If you are using GB Whatsapp on android, you can download this theme to get the iPhone look.

ASK Reality Theme

It is the most used theme by users in GB Whatsapp. It is lovely and similar to the telegram look. This theme's color scheme corresponds to the telegram., and you can download it to have looked like a telegram.

Black GB Whatsapp Theme

If you like the dark look, then this theme is for you. There is also a dark mode in GB Whatsapp, but it is not too dark. If you download Black Theme, you will get a pitch-black look for your whatsapp.

Material Green Theme

The whatsapp has a basic theme that has green color. It is not very attractive and also dull. If you like the green color, then you can download this theme. It will give a high-contrast tint color to your app that will blow your mind.

Age of Ultron Theme

If you love Avengers, then you may also like this theme. This theme has a pretty Ultron Wallpaper and colors that match with accents. You can give your whatsapp an Ultron look by downloading this beautiful theme.

Material White Theme

If you like simple themes, then you will love this fantastic theme. It is a very simple and clean theme. Users who like simplicity will love it. There is only a white color in it, which makes a minimal theme.

iOS Theme

It tries to copy the original iOS version that can turn your whatsapp look into iOS style. If you like a minimal theme with a bold and clean look, download it.

ASK Reality Red Dark Theme

This theme has a very excellent color scheme that will turn your whatsapp top palette into Red and Black color. You can apply this theme to get a stylish interface look. To download this theme, you can go to the themes options in GB Whatsapp and search for it by typing its name.

Leiden Wolf Theme

It is a very fancy theme that has a Wolf background. It is a very popular theme, and many users of GB Whatsapp use it. It has only black color that gives it a lovely look. If your smartphone has an OLED display, it will be clearer and more stunning.

Tatarugas Anime Theme

This theme design is based on the Tatarugas Ninja Turtles. It is an anime theme with a picture of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as the background. The turtle's gang is feeding on a piece of pizza in the theme background. The color combination of this Anime theme is lovely.

How to download and apply themes in GB Whatsapp?

It is not too difficult to download and apply themes in GB Whatsapp. Here are some simple steps if you do not know how to download and apply themes. Follow these steps.

  • Unlock your smartphone and go to the home screen to open the GB Whatsapp.
  • On the main chat screen, tap on three dots to open the menu.
  • Tap on the GB settings there and navigate to the Download Themes option.
  • Press that option, and it will show you a wide list of beautiful themes.
  • There is an Apply button on all themes; select a theme you like downloading and applying.
  • After tapping on that button, the theme will be downloaded and applied automatically.
  • Close the settings again, tap on three dots, and press the whatsapp option to restart the app.
  • Once the app is restarted, It will apply the theme, and you can see it in the app background.
  • The theme will not bother anything on your whatsapp.

How to delete downloaded GB Whatsapp Themes?

If you want to delete themes downloaded in GB Whatsapp, follow these easy steps. When you delete all of the themes in GB WhatsApp, the default theme will be applied automatically.

  • Open the GB Whatsapp and press three dots in the top right corner.
  • Tap on GB settings to launch settings and navigate to the Themes tab.
  • Tap on the Themes tab and navigate to the Delete All themes option.
  • Press that option, and it will delete all the saved and downloaded themes in GB Whatsapp.

How to restore the default theme in GB Whatsapp?

Sometimes we like the default theme instead of all other themes we download and apply. Pay attention to these easy steps to restore the default theme.

  • Launch the GB Whatsapp and go to GB settings by tapping three dots.
  • Tap on the Themes option and navigate to the Restore Default theme tab.
  • Press that tab to clear all the themes and restore the default theme for GB Whatsapp.
  • After restoring the default theme, restart whatsapp by tapping on the three dots again so that the changes you made can affect properly.


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How do I download WhatsApp PLUS Holo?

Step1: Search WhatsApp plus Holo APK in Google, then, at that point download it on your cell phone. 

Step2: Copy the APK record into your SD card, where you can find it rapidly. 
Step3: Now introduce a record administrator that you like. 
Step4: Access the envelope where you put the APK record and tap on it. 
Step5: Click OK on the spring up. 
Step6: Now, tap on introduce. Hang tight for a couple of moments until the establishment is finished. 

How do I install WhatsApp PLUS Holo?

To introduce WhatsApp PLUS Holo, you should initially introduce the official version of the application. Then, at that point, download the APK record and concentrate it through an APK downloader like Android Zip. This mode permits you to change your appearance and experience another look. You should enact the "Unknown sources" alternative found in Settings>Applications so that the application can be introduced using APK records. 

Can I download GB Whatsapp themes for free?

Yes, you can download themes in GB Whatsapp for free.

Can I restore the default theme in GB Whatsapp?

Yes, you can restore your default theme anytime.


If you are using basic whatsapp, you have to look for some apps on the play store to change the theme. GB Whatsapp has an in-app theme store where you will get thousands of beautiful themes. You can download stunning themes and make your whatsapp interface cooler. You can download any theme according to your choice and apply it to have a different and attractive look. Feel free to ask any question in the comment section.

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