NS Whatsapp Apk 9.45 Download New Version

December 13, 2022

App Name NS Whatsapp
Version v9.45
Size 53 MB
MOD For Android
Get it On Google Play
Requirement 5.0 and up
Developer NS Whatsapp
Last Updated September 26, 2023
NS Whatsapp Apk 9.45 Download New Version

There is a lot of customized whatsapp available on the internet, but NS Whatsapp Apk is the most popular modified whatsapp. It has more than 1 billion active users. The features of NS Whatsapp Apk are similar to the original whatsapp, but the developer added some more customized features.

There are some limited features in the standard whatsapp, such as you can only send up to 20 MB files. NS Whatsapp Apk has many options and hundreds of unique features. You can share large media files or can fully customize your whatsapp. NS Whatsapp Apk is a fully secured app you can download without issues.

Latest Version of NS Whatsapp Apk:

The latest version of NS Whatsapp is 2022, which has fully updated features. There are attractive features in this modified whatsapp that are not available in the standard whatsapp. You can hide all notifications or share your live locations with your friends. You can customize the status bar. There are also more security and privacy features in this customized whatsapp that allow you to control your activities on whatsapp.

Size of NS Whatsapp Apk:

The size of the NS Whatsapp Apk file is 45.07 MB. It would be best if you had a good smartphone with an active internet connection to download it. NS Whatsapp Apk. You can communicate with your friends and blow their minds with its unique features. You can also change the launcher icon.

NS Whatsapp Pro Apk:

There are a lot of social media apps on the internet, such as Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and more, but whatsapp is the most famous app, which billions of people use worldwide. NS Whatsapp Pro Apk has unique and advanced features. The developer used secure codes for it to stop it from getting banned. If you are in a country where original whatsapp is forbidden, you can download NS Whatsapp Pro Apk. There are also some more modified whatsapp, such as.

Whatsapp MA Apk

ZE Whatsapp Apk

KR Whatsapp Apk

YC Whatsapp Apk

Steps to install NS Whatsapp Apk 2022:

It is a third-party application, and you cannot install it from Play Store. You have to visit our website to download this modified whatsapp. Follow these simple steps to install NS Whatsapp Apk 2022.

Go to our website and search for NS Whatsapp Apk, and press on the download option.

Once the Apk file is downloaded, open the download manager and permit unknown sources from settings.

Tap on the Apk file, launch the installation setup, press the install button, and wait for the installation of the Apk file.

Once installed, tap the app icon to open it and enter your number to verify it.

Enter your name and set a profile picture, and you are ready to use your NS Whatsapp Apk account.

Features of NS Whatsapp Apk 2022:

Large Audio Files:

You can only share an audio file up to 20 Mb in the original whatsapp. If you have large audio files to share, you have to divide them according to the media size, which is allowed by standard whatsapp. NS Whatsapp Apk increased the size of its users to share audio files. You can send an audio file up to 300 Mb without any problem.

Large Video Files:

You have to crop the videos with more length, and are significant to send them in original whatsapp. You can send videos up to 1 GB in NS Whatsapp Apk. You do not need to crop or trim any video; you can easily share it with your buddy.


You must download an application if you are using the original whatsapp and want to change its theme. It could be a third-party app, or you can get it from the play store. NS Whatsapp Apk has thousands of excellent and beautiful themes that you can download for free.

Long status video:

You can only post a video status for up to 30 seconds on the basic whatsapp. If you want to post a long video, you must crop it according to the size; otherwise, you cannot upload it to your story. NS Whatsapp Apk solved this problem for its users and increased the length from 30 seconds to 7 minutes. You can directly post lengthy videos on your status without any restriction.

Different Fonts:

NS Whatsapp Apk has a lot of pretty and stylish fonts. You can select any font according to your wish and apply it to make your conversations more beautiful. You can also change the color of the fonts and size. You can make it small, medium, or large or reset all the settings.

Automatic updates:

There are many modified whatsapp that you have to update manually when a new update comes. NS Whatsapp Apk has a feature that differentiates it from other modified whatsapp. When a new update comes, it will automatically update itself, and you will get the latest version. You do not need to check for updates manually in this customized whatsapp.


Most of the modified whatsapp is banned due to no anti-ban feature. NS Whatsapp Apk has an in-app feature that stops its users from getting banned. You can download this modified whatsapp without fear as you will never get banned due to its Anti-ban feature, which is constantly improved when the latest update comes.

Interface Customization:

NS Whatsapp Apk allows you to customize your whatsapp fully. You can change the colors and styles of chats, as well as the header style of conversations, among other things. You can also change the appearance of the bubbles and ticks. You can also customize the notification bar.

Emoji Variant:

There is only a single variant of emojis in the original whatsapp with only emojis for whatsapp. If you want to change the emojis, you must download an app. NS Whatsapp Apk has built-in emoji variants that you can select, such as Old Whatsapp, Facebook, Android 0, or others. You can choose any variant and use these emojis for free.

Filters for pictures:

NS Whatsapp Apk has filters and effects that you can apply to images to make them more pretty. You can use these filters before sending a photo to your friends or loved ones. You do not need to install any other application to edit your pictures, as NS Whatsapp has built-in filters that you can use to give your images a beautiful look.

Send Images:

You can only send 30 images in the basic version of whatsapp. If you have a large album, you must select the pictures too many times, which can annoy you. NS Whatsapp Apk has a feature enabling you to send more pictures instead of 30. You can also save time with this fantastic feature of this customized whatsapp.

Launcher Icon Customization:

There is a green color icon in the standard whatsapp that you cannot change. NS Whatsapp Apk has a feature that you can use to customize the launcher icon. There is also a list of some personalized Icons from where you can select an icon for your whatsapp.

Mark unread messages:

If you are busy somewhere and receiving a lot of messages, then NS Whatsapp Apk has the very best feature that you can use to mark all the unread messages as read. You can enable this feature to keep any unread message as reading in any group or conversation.

Notification Icon:

When somebody sends you a message, you will receive a notification. You can also give a reply from that notification without going to whatsapp. NS Whatsapp Apk has a feature where you can change the icon for notifications. You can change the size or color or select a new icon.

Copy status caption:

When a contact uploads a video status and adds a caption, you cannot copy it in the standard whatsapp. NS Whatsapp Apk has a built-in feature that you can use to copy the caption of any story. You can also download that story without letting that person know.

More characters Length:

Only limited characters are allowed to use in a story in the original whatsapp. NS Whatsapp Apk solves this issue as the character length increases, and you can add up to 4000 characters to your whatsapp status without any problem.

Hide Microphone Icon:

NS Whatsapp has some customized options for chats, as you can hide the microphone icon in chats and groups. If you do not want to send voice notes to a contact, you can disable it. You can also enable it from settings.

No calls Option:

NS Whatsapp Apk has a feature for its users that you can use to hide the call icon in the conversation screen. You can hide the audio or video call icon. If you mistakenly open whatsapp and tap the audio or video button, you can disable these icons. If you do not want to make a call with a person, then this feature is for you.

Proximity Sensor:

When you play a media file in standard whatsapp, you put your smartphone near your ear to hear it. If you want to listen to it on your mobile loudspeaker, you can disable this sensor, and you can listen to your call voice notes on your smartphone loudspeaker.

End-to-End Encrypted:

The main thing is the security of every user when he sends or receives texts or media. NS Whatsapp Apk uses end-to-end encryption to protect the data of its users. With this encryption, nobody, even the developer, cannot able to see your data or personal information.

Features of NS Whatsapp Apk Vs Whatsapp:

More participants in the group

You cannot add many members to a group in the original whatsapp. If you want to add more people, you must create another group. Whatsapp NS Apk allows you to add more participants instead of the original whatsapp.

Double Tab reaction

Suppose you want to give a reaction to a message. You have to tap on it and hold it for a while in the standard version of whatsapp. NS Whatsapp Apk has a feature where you can double-tap on a message to give a reaction. You can also save an Emoji for it.

Forward Limit Increased

You can only forward a message to five persons at a single time in the original whatsapp. You must select that message repeatedly if you want to forward it to too many people. NS Whatsapp Apk increased the forward limit, and you can forward a message up to 250 chats simultaneously.

Hide your activity status

NS Whatsapp Apk has features you can use to freeze your last seen. You can hide your double ticks and show blue ticks after sending a reply. You can also conceal blue ticks from messages. These features are not available in the basic version of whatsapp.

Once View Media

When somebody sends you a media file set to view once, you cannot open it again in the standard whatsapp. NS Whatsapp Apk has a feature enabling you to view media all the once. When you enable this feature, you can open that media file unlimited times.

Chat my picture

It is a very cool feature of NS Whatsapp Apk. You can enable it to see your profile picture on every message in chats. The standard whatsapp did not have this feature for its users.

How to download NS Whatsapp Apk for Android:

Suppose you are using a standard whatsapp and want to delete it due to its fewer features and want to install NS Whatsapp Apk and do not know about the process to download it.

First of all, check the storage of your smartphone. You have at least 45.07 Mb space in your mobile to download NS Whatsapp Apk.

Allow permission to unknown sources in settings and download the Apk file from our website.

Once you download the Apk file, please open it and start the installation process by pressing the install button.

Open the NS Whatsapp Apk and check the agreements and policy box and enter your number to verify it through a message.

If your number is verified, set a profile image and your whatsapp account.

How to download NS Whatsapp Apk for iPhone:

It is also easy to download NS Whatsapp on iPhone. You have an active internet connection with enough space to install it. Follow these simple steps to download NS Whatsapp on your iOS.

Go to our website to download the Apk file.

Access the unknown sources from settings to install the Apk file.

Please enter your valid mobile number and request a verification code to verify it. Enter your details, and your whatsapp account is ready to use.

How to backup NS Whatsapp Apk:

If you want to create a backup of your whatsapp data, then there are two methods that you can use for it. First, you can set an automatic timer in the settings, and NS Whatsapp Apk will automatically create a backup for you.

You can create the backup manually by entering the settings and navigating to the backup option. Press the backup tab, which will create a backup for you. You have to do this every time to make the backup manually.

Pros of NS Whatsapp Apk:

There is an anti-delete feature that you can use to see the deleted messages in whatsapp.

You can send pictures with their full resolution in NS Whatsapp Apk.

You can randomly lock chats and use different passwords to protect them.

Cons of NS Whatsapp Apk:

It is an unofficial app that is not approved by play protect.

You cannot download it from the play store as it is a third-party application, and you have to download it from the internet.



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Is it safe to use NS Whatsapp Apk?

Yes, It is 100% safe to download this modified whatsapp.

What is the size of this customized whatsapp?

The size of NS Whatsapp Apk is only 45.07 MB.


NS Whatsapp Apk has very cool features that can help you to customize the entire whatsapp. You can download and apply many new themes. You can randomly lock any chat or hide any contact's name or profile picture. You can view others' stories without letting them know. Download this epic customized whatsapp from our website, and do not forget to share your feedback with us in the comments box.

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