OG Instagram Apk 10.15.0 Latest Version Download

December 13, 2022

App Name OG Instagram
Version v10.17.0
Size 25 MB
MOD Features Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
Requirement Android 4.4+
Developer OG Instagram
Last Updated September 27, 2023
OG Instagram Apk 10.15.0 Latest Version Download

Instagram is a top-rated app that is used by millions of people around the whole world. You can post images and videos on it and share them with your loved ones and friends. Some users are looking for a modified Instagram with more features than the original one. OG Instagram Apk is the best-customized version of the official app with many features.

You can download media files or can translate comments or texts. You can also share links to pictures. You can also connect it with your FaceBook ID and share your posts from Instagram to Facebook. You can download OG Instagram Apk for free and use it without any problem.

Latest Version of OG Instagram Apk:

The latest version of OG Instagram Apk 2022 is 10.15.0. It supports dual accounts and allows you to log in to two different accounts simultaneously. This latest version of OG Instagram Apk fixes all crashes and issues. You can add tags to your stories. Any message in conversation can be marked as important. You can download this and enjoy all its features for free.

Size of OG Instagram Apk:

The size of OG Instagram is 25 Mb, requiring only a small space to install on your smartphone. The OG Instagram Apk is compatible with all smartphones. The developer of OG Instagram scanned it with various Anti Virus to make it free from all malwares. The interface of OG Instagram is very user-friendly and easy to use. There is also a help support option that you can use to get help from the developer.

OG Instagram Pro Apk:

OG Instagram Pro Apk is the modded version of official Instagram that has more customized features. It has many new and updated features that you can use to customize your account. You can zoom profile pictures or can copy the bio and comments of anybody. It supports many languages and can select your native language to communicate. It also has some privacy features that you can enable to hide your last seen in chats.

Features of OG Instagram Apk 2022:

There are many unique features of OG Instagram Apk that you can use to make changes in your app interface and make it more pretty. Here are some features listed:

  • Support multiple accounts
  • Easy to download media
  • Option to share links
  • Follow Indicator
  • Check the Profile picture by zooming
  • Access to IGTV videos
  • Auto Translator
  • Videos with autoplay
  • Connect with Facebook
  • Easy to download stories
  • Multiple Languages
  • Copy Captions
  • Free to Use
  • Edit Pictures
  • Filters and Effects
  • Customizable Interface
  • No need to Rout your Device
  • Load Themes

Support multiple accounts:

The best feature of OG Instagram Apk is that it simultaneously supports more than one account. It is possible to get notifications from both accounts simultaneously. You can operate both accounts without removing any of your information. It is only accessible in the OG Instagram Apk. Now enjoy dual accounts on the same mobile and app.

Easy to download media:

The downloading media feature is another best thing about  OG Instagram Apk. Users of the official Instagram are not allowed to download images, videos or any GIFs from the app directly. They can download all of them using different online tools. But OG Instagram Apk allows the users to download it directly from the app. You can also download the boomerang directly into your mobile gallery.

Option to share links:

OG Instagram Apk allows users to share various media links with their fellows directly. This feature is unavailable in the official version of Instagram. So for better usage, you must install the OG whatsapp Apk for direct sharing of links of videos and images. You can directly approach that specific media using the link.

Follow Indicator:

Follow Indicator is another feature of the OG Instagram Apk that lets the users know about their followers. It will give you an abrupt notification when someone starts to follow you. It will inform you if someone unfollows you, on the other hand. This great feature is only offered in the OG Instagram but not in the Official Instagram.

Check the Profile picture by zooming in:

It is impossible to check the profile picture of anyone on Instagram ass you cannot zoom it. But Og Instagram has opened certain tracks for you to enjoy the app. You can zoom the profile picture of anyone and see it. There is no limitation in the OG Instagram Apk features. Everything is free and easy to get here. It is thousands of times better than the Original Instagram.

Access to IGTV videos:

This feature is also available on the Official Instagram but has a downside. The IGTV videos are large, and They cannot download them directly from the app. You can only watch them. But OG Instagram Apk allows the users to download the IGTV video at any time directly from the app and save it in their media. You can enjoy the video in later hours anytime and anywhere.

Auto Translator:

The feature to translate the text on Instagram is not accessible in the correct version. You can only look for the captions to translate. But OG Instagram allows users to translate chat texts with their ease. You can translate it into any language. It has a unique inbuilt translator for the users to get maximum benefits and enjoy the app.

Videos with autoplay:

The official Instagram lacks a function to autoplay the video. Whenever you want to watch a video on Instagram, you have to tap over the video to turn the sound on. It is a very hectic job. You can download the OG Instagram and enjoy the auto-play of videos. The app has this feature by default for your convenience.

Connect with Facebook:

It sounds so cool to operate both apps at the same time. This feature is for those who love to spend time on both Instagram and Facebook. Now you can link your Facebook account with Instagram and share your post simultaneously on both apps. Not only the posts, but you can also share the Instagram reels on Facebook directly. It will help you to grow your followers more.

Easy to download stories:

OG Instagram Apk allows users to download the stories of their choice. You do not need to copy the link and take help from any other external tool to download it. The app has, by default downloading feature for the stories. You can also use the text of the stories by copying them.

Multiple Languages:

OG Instagram supports multiple languages of different regions. This app works smoothly all over the globe as it is easy to chat with your friends in your language. You can select the language from the settings and enjoy your time.

Copy Captions:

The best thing about the OG Instagram Apk is the option to copy the captions and Bios. You can also copy the written status without any issues. It has an in-built option for a clipboard that allows you to copy the status.

Free to Use:

Many moded versions of Instagram are available on the internet, but most are not trustable, or you have to buy a subscription to use their features. On the other side, OG Instagram Apk is free, and you can use it without spending a penny. You can download and enjoy its cool features not available on the original Instagram.

Edit Pictures:

If you do not want to select a picture from your mobile gallery, you can directly capture it on Instagram by pressing the camera button. OG Instagram has a built-in editor that you can use to edit your captured pictures. You can adjust brightness, contrast, shadows or more. You can make your image more beautiful with it and share it with your friends.

Filters and Effects:

OG Instagram has more than 40 filters that you can select to decorate your picture. You can choose any filter or effect according to your desire, such as Retro, black, white, grainy and many others. You can select any picture from the gallery and apply these effects to make it more fantastic. You do not need to download any other app to edit your pictures due to this fantastic feature of OG Instagram Apk.

Customizable Interface:

OG Instagram Apk has a user-friendly interface for its users so that you can use this app easily. The interface of this modified Instagram is quite similar to the official Instagram. The OG Instagram allows its users to fully customize the interface, such as can rearrange the positions of tabs or icons. You can change the search bar position or make changes to the news and share icons.

No need to root your Device:

Some modified versions of the apps ask you to root your smartphone if you want to install them. When you root your smartphone, there could be lag issues and malwares that can affect your mobile. OG Instagram Apk never ask you to root your smartphone, and you can install it without any problem. You can use OG Instagram Apk features without rooting your mobile and have fun with your buddies.

Load Themes:

OG Instagram Apk has plenty of excellent themes available in the app that you can download. You can apply a theme according to your wish and make the interface look more pretty. The standard Instagram does not have this feature, or you must download an app to change the theme in the official Instagram.

Features of OG Instagram Vs Instagram:

Freeze Active Status: Users can freeze their active status on the OG Instagram. Nobody will be able to see your last active status. You can stay online and chat with your friends without letting them know about other users. This feature is not available on the official Instagram. It only works in the unofficial Instagram Apk.

Hide Typing status: When we type any text on Instagram chats so other users can see our typing status, you cannot turn it off in the official app; download the OG Instagram to turn off the typing status and enjoy your chats at your own pace. You can send texts to anyone without any hesitation.

Hide message delivered:  If you want to turn off the seen messages option from Instagram, download OG Instagram. It allows you to read the messages of anyone without giving a sign of seeing. This fantastic feature will relieve many users as they can respond to them as per their choice at any time.

No sponsor ads: Official Instagram runs countless sponsored ads on the app that are annoying to watch. You can not get rid of them. At the same time, OG Instagram does not support this type of advertisement. You can easily enjoy your social media without encountering ads.

Privacy problem Solved with OG Instagram: Privacy is a major concern while using any social media app. , any users are afraid of their data leakage. In the past few hackers have stolen many Instagram users' data and information. It is an issue to be discussed. The creators of Instagram have worked a lot over it to keep the data private and secure. But people do not find Instagram a reliable app due to security issues.

OG Instagram has unique privacy features that will never compromise your data. You will always remain your information confidential and private. You can easily use it without thinking about security issues. All of your chats, images and videos will remain safe on it.

How to download OG Instagram on Android?

  • Unlock your smartphone and connect it to the internet if the internet connection is turned off.
  • Go to settings, open device security, navigate the unknown sources tab, and enable it.
  • Open the Chrome browser on your mobile and visit our website to search for OG Instagram Apk.
  • Download the Apk file and start the installation by tapping on the install tab.
  • Once the Apk file is installed, go to your mobile home screen and tap on the app icon to launch it.
  • Enter the information to create an account, and you are done.

How to download OG Instagram on iPhone?

  • Open your iPhone settings and allow access to unknown sources to install all the third-party apps.
  • Open the browser and go to our site to download the OG Instagram Apk.
  • Install the downloaded Apk file and open it to create your account.
  • Enter your details, and your OG Instagram account is ready to use.

How to download OG Instagram on a PC?

  • Connect your PC to the internet and download Blue Stacks.
  • Launch the installation setup and install it on your PC.
  • After installing Blue Stacks, please open it and search for OG Instagram in the search box.
  • Download the app and enter your details to create the account, and it's all done.

How to backup OG Instagram Apk?

  • Tap on your profile in the app and go to settings.
  • Select the Privacy and Security tab and navigate to Data downloader.
  • Enter your email address and account login details and hit the ok button. You can also change your email address.
  • A link will send to your email address by Instagram to download your data.
  • Open that link, and it will take you to the web login of Instagram. Enter your login details and download your entire Instagram data.

Pros of OG Instagram Apk:

  • OG Instagram allows you to download the stories and copy the captions and statuses.
  • You can hide your active status and message delivery.
  • You can translate the chats into any language.
  • You can download all the IGTV videos at any time.
  • There is no ad in the OG Instagram, so enjoy the ad-free app.
  • It has, by default, an autoplay option for the videos.

Cons of OG Instagram Apk:

  • It does not work in all regions, so you can get banned anytime while using the app.
  • It is a third-party app, so not downloading it from a safe site can harm the Device through malware.


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What is OG Instgram?

OG Instagram is an unofficial version of Instagram that has more features than Instagram.

Is it safe to downlaod the OG instgram?

Yes. It is safe to download the OG Instagram only from a reliable site.

What is the main difference between Instagram and OG Instagram?

OG Instagram offers all those features that are not accessible in the official app.

Can we run both OG Instagram and official Instagram at the same time?

No, it is not possible. You can run anyone at the same time.


Hence, OG Instagram is the best and most well-known alternative to the official Instagram. It has plenty of features that make it more popular among users. If you want to download the app, then our website is the safest choice to do. Enjoy the chats with your friends and spend quality time on this app by scrolling the media.

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