OG Whatsapp Apk Download For Android (Official) Latest Version

December 13, 2022

App Name OG Whatsapp Apk
Version v2.19.17
Size 48 MB
MOD Premium Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
Requirement 6.0 and up
Developer Jenson
Last Updated September 25, 2023
OG Whatsapp Apk Download For Android (Official) Latest Version

Whatsapp is the most used app now a day. Millions of active users use it regularly to connect with friends, family members, or colleagues. You can send pictures, videos, or files such as documents, pdf, and more. Many users are looking for a customized version with more features than the original whatsapp. OG Whatsapp Apk is the best and most secure modified version that provides secure usage to its users. It has advanced privacy and security features that you can use to hide ticks, last seen, online status, and many more. The user interface is very intuitive and simple to use. You can download OG Whatsapp Apk without fear of getting banned due to its Anti-ban feature.

Latest Version of OG Whatsapp Apk

OG Whatsapp Apk 2022 latest version is 2.19.17 and has more updated options and features. You can only download it on Android Version 5.0 or above smartphones. It is compatible with all smartphones, and can download it without any problem. The latest version of OG Whatsapp Apk is free from advertisements and malwares. You can set large names for your groups or share more large files in the latest OG Whatsapp Apk.

Size of OG Whatsapp Apk

The Apk file is 48 MB in size. It's simple to download on mobile devices with little storage. Due to the small file size, it does not occupy much room. It is the best-modified whatsapp that you can use to amaze your friends with its features. You can freeze your last seen and send or receive messages without issue. There is also a help support option in OG Whatsapp Apk that you can use to get help from the developer.

OG Whatsapp Pro Apk

It is a moded version of the official whatsapp with more features and options than the original whatsapp. The security and privacy features of OG Whatsapp Pro Apk make it more secure for its users. You can lock your conversations or hide your contact name or profile picture. You can also make changes in the interface by applying themes or changing the colors of tabs. You can download OG Whatsapp Pro Apk without spending a penny and use its most unique and advanced features without any problem.

Features of OG Whatsapp Apk

Built-in Message Scheduler

OG Whatsapp Apk has a built-in message schedule feature that you can use to schedule a message to send later. This feature will be beneficial if you want to remember somebody about anything or wish somebody on their birthday. You can type a message and schedule it by setting a specific time and date on it. When the selected date and time comes, whatsapp will automatically send that message.

Anti-Ban Feature

There is an incredible feature in the OG Whatsapp Apk that is not available in the many other modified whatsapp. If you are using unofficial whatsapp, there is a chance that your account could be banned, and you cannot create whatsapp again with that number. OG Whatsapp Apk'sApk's anti-ban feature prevents all its users from getting banned, and you can use whatsapp without worry.

Password Protected

If somebody from your family uses your mobile and you do not want to let that person access your whatsapp. You have to download an application to secure your whatsapp. On the other side, OG Whatsapp Apk has a built-in lock feature that you can use to protect your chats and entire whatsapp by setting a password. You can also set different passwords for each chat and make your chats more secure.

Colorful Themes

There are a lot of themes in the OG Whatsapp Apk. You can download a theme according to your desire and apply it to customize the app's interface. There are more than 1000 thousand unique and stunning themes that you can use without any problem. You can also change the background and colors of the themes to make them cooler.

Hide your online Status

OG Whatsapp Apk has some customized privacy features that you can use to make your privacy more strict. You can hide your online status using whatsapp without getting disturbed by others. When you enable it, your last seen is hidden, and people will not be able to see you online. This feature is very helpful if you want to use whatsapp without letting anybody know you are online.

Call Unsave Numbers

When you want to call a person, you must first save their numbers in your contacts list. After saving the number, you can able to call the original whatsapp. OG Whatsapp Apk has a feature that allows you to directly call a number without saving it. You can tap on three dots and select this feature to use it. Enter the number, and if it is registered with whatsapp, you can make a call.

Status Downloader

If you are using basic whatsapp, To download your friends' status, you must download an app from the Play Store. Otherwise, you have to ask them to send you that status so you can upload it to your story. OG Whatsapp Apk has a status downloader feature that allows you to download the status of all your contacts; they will never know about it. When you download a status, it will save into your mobile gallery, and you can post it on your status.

Dual Accounts

You may utilize two accounts on the same mobile device using OG Whatsapp Apk. You do not need to delete your standard whatsapp as you can also use this modified app with official whatsapp. This feature allows you to operate two accounts in a single app without limitations. You can easily shift from one account to another and use all the features without issue. You can chat with friends or make audio and video calls and share your memorable pictures with them.

More File Formats

Whatsapp's basic version only accepts a small number of file formats. It cannot send files in several formats. This problem is resolved by OG Whatsapp Apk, which enables users to send files in any format—sending options include PDF, ZIP, CDR, TXT, and more. You can also share large files, increasing the file size limit.

Preview Images without Downloading

Suppose you want to view media files such as images and videos. You have to download them first from the standard whatsapp. When you download these media files, they will automatically save them into your mobile gallery and take storage. OG Whatsapp Apk has a feature that you can enable to view pictures and videos without downloading them. It is the best feature that can also save the storage of your smartphone.

DIY Theme Option

OG Whatsapp Apk has an option that you can use to make changes in the themes. Suppose you download a theme and do not like its color or background. You can use this feature and change its color scheme and background image. You can select any picture from your mobile gallery and set it as the theme background. It is the best feature of OG Whatsapp Apk that is unavailable in any other customized whatsapp.

Color Background

There is only a solid color background in the basic whatsapp. If you are bored with that background, you can use this feature of OG Whatsapp Apk to make it stunning. You can select a solid or custom color and use it as your whatsapp main chat screen background. You can also choose a picture from the gallery and set it as the background. You can also change the colors of tabs and icons. You can use this feature to customize your OG Whatsapp app interface fully.

Interface Styles

There is only a single interface style in the original whatsapp. The standard whatsapp does not allow its users to change it. Some users want to have a view iOS interface for OG Whatsapp Apk. There are plenty of different interface styles in the OG Whatsapp Apk. You can select telegram, ONE UI, iPhone, or many other styles to have an interface look like them.

Hide Ticks

The OG Whatsapp Apk has some customized options that you can use to hide ticks for texts. You can hide double ticks and also can hide blue ticks. You can hide ticks to show yourself offline while staying online with everybody. You can also show blue ticks after sending a reply, and the sender will not see blue ticks on the message until you did not send a reply back.

Change Bubbles

There is only a standard style of bubbles in the standard whatsapp that separates the messages in chats. OG Whatsapp Apk has a very awesome feature that you can use to change the bubble styles of conversations. If you want iPhone style chat screen, you can select iOS bubble style from settings. There are also some more styles you can select and change the style of bubbles in your OG Whatsapp Apk.

Features of OG Whatsapp Vs Whatsapp

Send 90 Images

The official whatsapp allows you to send only 30 images simultaneously. If you have a large album and want to send it, you must select images too many times, which can take a lot of time. OG Whatsapp Apk has an in-app feature that allows users to send 90 pictures simultaneously without any limitation.

More Words in Status

If you want to post a long status, you have to split it into two parts in the standard whatsapp. OG Whatsapp Apk allows you to post long statuses without cropping, as you can add up to 250 words. The original whatsapp has fewer characters limit, so you cannot add more words to a status. It is an in-app feature of OG Whatsapp Apk that basic whatsapp does not have for users.

Edit Launcher Icon

If you are bored by seeing the same app icon every time, then OG Whatsapp Apk has a feature you can use to change it. You can go to settings and select a launcher icon style for the app. There are plenty of launcher icon styles that have different colors and shapes. You can select any icon style from there and set it as your OG Whatsapp Apk launcher icon.

No Calls Option

OG Whatsapp Apk has an incredible feature that you can use to disable calls for anyone. Suppose you are chatting with someone and do not want to receive calls from him. You can enable the no-calls option by tapping on its profile, and that person will not be able to call you.

How to download OG Whatsapp Apk for Android

It is very easy to download OG Whatsapp Apk for android. You have a good smartphone with a good internet connection for it. Follow these steps to download it.

  • Open the browser and type our website in your browser's search bar.
  • When the website is opened, tap on the search box to get the Apk File.
  • Look for the download link and tap on it to start downloading Apk File.
  • While downloading the Apk File, go to your smartphone settings and enable unknown sources from security to allow installation.
  • Tap on the downloaded Apk file, start the installation, and let the installation complete.
  • Once the installation is complete, hit the app's icon to launch it, then fill out the form to establish an account.
  • Verify your details and enjoy OG Whatsapp features to chat with your friends.

How to download OG Whatsapp Apk for iPhone

It is not very difficult to download OG Whatsapp Apk on iPhone. You have to ensure enough space to download and install it. Follow these easy steps, and It will install OG Whatsapp on your iPhone.

  • To permit the installation of applications from unknown sources, tap the settings button on the home screen and go to the security page.
  • Close the settings and open any browser to visit our website.
  • Look for OG Whatsapp Apk in the search bar of our website and download Apk File.
  • Launch the installation by tapping on the Apk File and let it finish.
  • The app icon will be created on the home screen when the Apk File is installed.
  • Please enter your mobile number to get an OTP from whatsapp to verify it.
  • Once the OTP is received, enter that code and create your account by entering a user name or setting a profile picture.
  • Your OG Whatsapp is ready to use, and you can customize it by downloading themes or more.

How to download OG Whatsapp Apk for PC

It would help if you had an Android Emulator such as Blue Stacks, Citra, or others. Download anyone that you like and run the installation setup to install it.

  • Open google chrome and download the Apk file from our website.
  • Select that Apk File to drag and drop it into the installed Android Emulator, and it will automatically start installing the Apk.
  • After the Apk File is installed, open the app and create your account to start chatting with friends and family members on your PC.

How to backup OG Whatsapp Apk

You can choose different ways to create a backup of your OG Whatsapp Apk data. There are several methods for backing up data.

You can open the settings of your whatsapp account and create a backup from there by selecting the Chat and Backup option. It will store the data on your device that you can access anytime.

You can use your Gmail ID to create the backup, and it will store the entire data in Google Drive. You can restore it by entering the same Gmail ID.

You can search for an app and download it to create the data backup.

You can also set an automatic timer to create backups, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. It will create the backup according to your selected time automatically.

Pros of OG Whatsapp Apk

  • You can send 90 images at once in OG Whatsapp Apk.
  • You can send an auto-reply to any contact.
  • You can customize the launcher and notification icon.

Cons of OG Whatsapp Apk

  • OG Whatsapp Apk used an unknown server that is not safe.
  • If you download OG Whatsapp Apk from a site that is not trustworthy, your account could be banned or can affect by viruses.


Download OG Whatsapp Apk Previous Versions


Will I be prohibited from utilizing NSWhatsApp 3D? 

NS WhatsApp 3D APK is a modded form and is created by outsider engineers you ought not to think of it as an application created by true WhatsApp designers. As they have not created it, that you are inclined to get prohibited by utilizing it on the off chance that you keep on utilizing one component over and over. Hence, it is prescribed you utilize your brief versatile number for logging and this application and not utilizing one element habitually. You might utilize various components yet not similar elements on various occasions. Attempt to keep your auxiliary record on this modded adaptation and your essential record, which is adding your business record ought to be on your authority WhatsApp. 

Would I be able to utilize the Official WhatsApp and NSWhatsApp 3D on one gadget? 

On the off chance that the inquiry emerges to you that on the off chance that you can utilize official WhatsApp and this modded adaptation of WhatsApp on one gadget? So the appropriate response is yes. You can utilize both of these on one gadget. You can sign in to true WhatsApp with your essential record to let your information and basic documents be protected and less inclined to harm while you can sign in with NS WhatsApp 3D APK with your brief portable number with an auxiliary record and save this record for visiting reason just and not intended for sharing significant data and reports are documents as you might lose that if WhatsApp blocks your record. 

For what reason do I utilize NSWhatsApp 3D APK? 

NS WhatsApp 3D APK has such a great deal better and upgraded highlights like adaptable UI, don't upset Mode, appropriate protection and security choices, against Ban capacities, new subjects, and stickers accessible, presence of various and new emoticons. These components are excessively fascinating to the point that it is necessary to download and introduce them on your cell phone. I guarantee you that if you once introduce and see the components, you will yourself be constrained to erase the authority form and keep this modded variant on your versatile. 

Utilizing NSWhatsApp 3D APK is protected? 

Utilizing NS WhatsApp 3D APK is to some extent protected, as your information is at danger to misfortune if official designers of WhatsApp discover your record. So it is exhorted you utilize the auxiliary record and temporary versatile number while utilizing that. 

Would I be able to utilize NSWhatsApp for iOS gadgets? 

It is doubtful then you can utilize the NS rendition on the iOS gadget. This is accessible just for clients on Android devices, and it won't run on iOS gadgets. You might check other modded adaptations of WhatsApp which run on these gadgets. 

How might I refresh NSWhatsApp 3D APK? 

On the off chance that you have downloaded NS WhatsApp 3D APK, stay liberated from strain for the update as it gets refreshed consequently. We give you the most recent adaptation of present-day APK which is modern absolutely, and you are saved from downloading the old and slow forms which are brimming with bugs and viruses.

IS OG Whatsapp safe to download?

Yes, it is fully safe to download this moded whatsapp.

Can I lock conversations in this modified whatsapp?

You can set random locks on chats in OG Whatsapp Apk.


OG Whatsapp Apk is the best and most popular modified version of the standard whatsapp. It has more features than the original whatsapp. You can use these features to make changes in your whatsapp according to your wish. You can copy the caption of your friend's stories. There are plenty of cool themes that you can download and apply to make the interface more pretty. Download OG Whatsapp Apk from our website, and if you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments.

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