OG Whatsapp iOS Apk Download Official Latest Version 2022

November 12, 2022

App Name OG Whatsapp iOS Apk
Version v19.41.1 & 17.10
Size 49 MB
MOD For Android
Get it On Google Play
Requirement 49 MB
Developer Jenson
Last Updated September 27, 2023

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OG Whatsapp iOS Apk Download Official Latest Version 2022

Thousands of active users use whatsapp on their Android and iOS devices. People use it for connecting with their loved ones and for business purposes. Many iPhone users want more features than the original whatsapp and look for a reliable and safe customized version. OG Whatsapp iOS Apk is the best-modified whatsapp for iPhone users. It has many amazing perks that you can utilize to make changes in whatsapp. The main concern for everybody is privacy. It is fully safe and uses end-to-end encryption to protect the data. You can also use two whatsapp accounts on the same mobile.

Latest Version of OG Whatsapp iOS Apk

OG Whatsapp iOS Apk's latest version is 8.05. The latest version has improved all of the features, and the developer has checked for and fixed all bugs and crashes. You can download it on any iPhone as it supports all iOS devices. You can download and use its amazing perks to customize the entire app. You can download and use its awesome features for free without any trouble.

Size of OG Whatsapp iOS Apk

OG Whatsapp iOS Apk file size is 48 MB. You can easily install it and use its features to chat with your friends. It does not require a large space in your iPhone storage due to its less file size. The best thing about this modified whatsapp is that it is not consumed much battery. Additionally, you do not need to root your mobile to install it.

OG Whatsapp iOS Pro Apk

OG Whatsapp iOS Pro Apk is the popular version of standard whatsapp. It has plenty of amazing perks. The interface of this customized whatsapp is very clean with many amazing customization features. There are also a lot of icons style for the app. You can also lock your chats with the password. It also allows you to change the colors of conversations. There is also a very cool theme library in this customized whatsapp where you can explore thousands of stunning themes for free. Some more fantastic features in it will amaze you.

Features of OG Whatsapp iOS Apk

Built-in Theme Store

OG Whatsapp iOS Apk has a built-in theme store. You can explore hundreds of amazing themes there and can download them. You can customize the interface view by using this theme store and make it more attractive. The official whatsapp does not have this feature, and you need to download an application to change themes. You can also restore your simple default theme anytime or can delete all the saved and downloaded themes.

Hide Last Seen

The main concern of all people is privacy. Everybody wants to keep their activities private on whatsapp, but official whatsapp does not have many features. OG Whatsapp iOS Apk has a very interesting feature that you can utilize to hide your last seen status. Please enable this feature from settings; nobody can see your last active status on whatsapp.

Send Location

In OG Whatsapp iOS Apk, you can also send your location to your buddies. It is a good feature of this customized whatsapp that you can use to tell your friends about your exact location. You can also share your live location and set a time on it. That live location will show your movement to the other person in chat. The live location will be ended automatically after a selected time.

More Status Features

OG Whatsapp iOS Apk has some extra perks for uploading status. You can upload long video statuses without cropping the video into parts. There is also a status downloader in this customized whatsapp that allows you to download your friends' stories. You can also copy the status or add up to 250 characters to your story.

Story Notifier

When somebody from your contact list saw your status, you did not get any notification in the original whatsapp. You have to check for it manually. OG Whatsapp iOS Apk has an incredible feature that lets you get quick notifications for your status. It will automatically send you a notification with details of that contact when somebody sees your story.

Change Background

Sometimes we get bored by seeing the same background for a long time on whatsapp. This customized feature allows you to change the background of the app interface, and you can give it a new fresh look. You can also utilize your profile picture as a background or select a random picture from the gallery. It also allows you to choose a solid color or wallpaper from settings.

Mulitple Font Styles

Everybody loves stylish fonts, but on the official whatsapp, there is only a simple font style. You cannot modify it. On the other side, OG Whatsapp iOS Apk has multiple font styles that you can utilize to make your app font very stylish. You can also make the font big or bold or modify its color according to your wish.

User Interface Style

You can use this feature to change the style of your app interface and give it an interface of other apps. You can select a style and shuffle the interface from iPhone to Android, Facebook Messenger, or many others. The standard whatsapp does not have this feature, and you cannot change the app interface using a third-party app.

Set My Name Feature

In the original whatsapp main chat screen, you can see the app's name in the top left corner. OG Whatsapp iOS Apk has a cool feature that enables you to set your name as the app name on the main screen. You can also edit it and change the name that you like.

Do not Disturb Mode

The official whatsapp does not have any feature that you can use while working not to get disturbed. You have to turn off your mobile or internet connection for it. OG Whatsapp iOS Apk has a DND option that allows you to disable the internet for it. It will turn off the internet connection for the app, and you can do your work with peace of mind.

Status Styles

This awesome feature allows you to change the story style. You can change the basic style to Instagram stories or select other styles available in settings. If you choose the Instagram style for the status, it will show all your friends' statuses on the main chat screen as you see in the Instagram app. You can also restore the basic style at any time.

Change colors

OG Whatsapp iOS Apk has a very awesome and cool feature that you can utilize to change the colors of the entire app. You can change chat colors, tabs, or icon colors according to your wish. It also allows you to modify the headers and rows of conversations, and you can customize the color of the app icon.

Custom Wallpaper

You can use this feature of this customized whatsapp to set random wallpapers for each conversation. You can choose custom wallpapers for your chat screen, select any picture, or go to settings to select a wallpaper. You can also customize the selected wallpaper and make your chats cooler.

Privacy Customization

There are a lot of customized features that you can use for your activities' privacy. This modified whatsapp allows you to conceal your online status, hiding blue or double ticks for group or chats messages. You can disable calls for everybody or can block calls for random contacts. It also allows you to hide the recording and typing status in chats, or you can also hide the microphone in chats.

Free to Use

OG Whatsapp iOS Apk is free to download, and you do not need to pay a penny to use its amazing perks. You can utilize these customized features for free and can blow the minds of your buddies with them. The interface is neat and clean, has no lag issues, and is free from advertisements.

View Deleted Messages

When somebody deletes a message and you cannot read it, you may feel annoyed about it. There is a feature in this modified whatsapp that you can enable to read deleted texts. Using this feature, if a sender deletes a text for you, It will not delete that message, and you can read it without any problem. You can amaze the sender with this incredible feature.

Download once view Media

In official whatsapp, if you receive an image with privacy that allows you to see it only once, you cannot download it and see it again. OG Whatsapp iOS Apkonce you view media files. You can also view pictures or videos for unlimited time and can save them in the gallery.

Features of OG Whatsapp iOS Apk Vs Whatsapp

Download Stories

It is the best feature of this unofficial whatsapp that you can utilize to download the video status of others. You can download stories of your friends on whatsapp and can upload them on your status. You do not need to download any third-party app to download stories due to this best feature of OG Whatsapp iOS Apk.

Send Auto Reply

You can utilize this epic feature to send auto-replies to all texts. This feature allows you to use your whatsapp for business purposes. You can set a welcome message or use a random one to give an automatic reply back. You can also use this feature for personal use or tell your contacts that you are on vacation or busy at work.

More Media Limit

If you are using simple whatsapp, you cannot exceed the limit for sharing media files. OG Whatsapp iOS Apk increased the media limit, and you can send more pictures and large videos to a contact without any issue. You can also forward a message to many contacts at once.

How to download OG Whatsapp iOS Apk for iPhone

To download OG Whatsapp iOS Apk, pay your full attention to these steps. You can easily download and install it on your iPhone and can enjoy its customized features.

  • Unlock your iPhone screen and open the safari browser on your iPhone.
  • Go to our website and tap on the search bar to find the OG Whatsapp iOS Apk.
  • Tap on the Apk file and scroll down to look for the download link.
  • Press the download button and wait for some seconds until the downloading is not start.
  • Go to your iPhone settings and allow unknown sources to trust this Apk file.
  • Go to the download folder and install the Apk file by tapping on it.
  • After installation, go to the mobile home screen and open OG Whatsapp iOS Apk.
  • Please enter your valid and active mobile number and verify it by receiving an OTP. Set a profile picture and start chatting with friends.

How to download OG Whatsapp iOS Apk on MAC

Many users want to install whatsapp on their MAC, but they do not know about downloading and installing it. If you want to download OG Whatsapp iOS Apk on your MAC, follow these steps carefully.

  • Download Blue Stack from the internet on your MAC, install it and configure it by selecting your preferred language.
  • Log in using your email address to create an account and finish the configuration setup.
  • Open the browser and visit our website to download the Apk file of OG Whatsapp iOS Apk.
  • After downloading, go to the download folder and click on install Apk on Blue stack.
  • Once the Apk file is installed, open it, create your whatsapp account, and enjoy its premium features on your MAC.

How to backup OG Whatsapp iOS Apk

There are two methods you can utilize OG Whatsapp iOS Apk.

First, you can go to OG Whatsapp iOS Apk settings and create a backup by selecting an option from Chat and Backup tab. Select that option if you only want to create a backup of your chat history. Or, if you want to create backup chats with all media files, tap on the other one. Enter your Gmail ID to create the backup in a few minutes.

Another method you can utilize is downloading an application from the play store. That app will create the backup for you, and you can restore your data anytime.

Pros of OG Whatsapp iOS Apk

  • You can read deleted messages and can send a reply back to that texts.
  • You can change the icon style for notifications.
  • You can change the font style and make it more stylish and attractive.

Cons of OG Whatsapp iOS Apk

  • OG Whatsapp iOS Apk is a third-party application and uses an unknown server.
  • You cannot download it from Google Play Store.
  • You have to update this customized whatsapp manually.


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Can I use themes in OG Whatsapp iOS Apk for free?

Yes, you can download and use themes free from this modified whatsapp.

Can I use fingerprint lock to protect chats in this customized whatsapp?

Yes, you can use a fingerprint lock to secure your conversation in OG Whatsapp iOS Apk.


It is the best-customized version of basic whatsapp that you can use to connect with your buddies and family members. You can send your memorable images with them without any problem. You can also control your privacy or hide the last seen profile image, customize ticks for messages, and many more. OG Whatsapp iOS Apk also has an Antiban feature that allows you to use it with official whatsapp. Download this modified whatsapp from our website and share your valuable feedback in the comments.

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