Whatsapp Prime Apk 10.20 Download Latest Version 2022

October 29, 2022 By whatsappprime

App Name Whatsapp Prime Apk
Version v10.20
Size 42.7 MB
MOD Anti-Ban
Get it On Google Play
Requirement Android 4.0+
Developer WhatsApp Prime
Last Updated September 26, 2023
Whatsapp Prime Apk 10.20 Download Latest Version 2022

Hundreds of people use Whatsapp to send messages, pictures, or files. It is the most used application, but some users also want a modified version with more features with less storage instead of standard whatsapp. Whatsapp Prime Apk is a customized version of WhatsApp. It has many features that are not available in any other modified WhatsApp. In Whatsapp Prime Apk, you can enable or disable the call option in chats. You can copy captions from your contact's status or download their stories without letting them know. Whatsapp Prime Apk has an Anti-ban feature that allows you to use this modified whatsapp without getting banned.

Latest Version of WhatsApp Prime Apk:

Whatsapp Prime Apk comes with the latest version of 2022 that has more updated and improved features. The developer scanned it with many antiviruses to give a malware-free interface. It is fully secure to download and does not require more space on your mobile. Whatsapp Prime Apk's latest version also has some security and privacy features that allow you to do your activities on whatsapp privately. You can download it without any issues on your smartphone.

Size of Whatsapp Prime Apk:

It is a very lightweight app which a size is only 15 MB. You do not need much storage space in your mobile to install it. You can download Whatsapp Prime Apk also in low android version mobiles that do not have good storage. It runs smoothly, and there is no need to uninstall any other application to install it.

Whatsapp Prime Pro Apk:

Whatsapp Prime Pro Apk has some next-level features, such as you can change themes, many options for your privacy, and many more. It is also the latest version. There are many features for chats in it. You can share long audio files or can send pictures in HD resolution with Whatsapp Prime Pro Apk. There are also some more fantastic features of it.

Steps to Install Whatsapp Prime Apk 2022:

  1. You cannot use the original whatsapp with Whatsapp Prime Apk, so if you want to download this customized whatsapp, you must delete the standard whatsapp first.
  2. Please backup your data in the original whatsapp before deleting it. Open our website and tap on the search bar to find the Whatsapp Prime Apk.
  3. Once you have found the apk, click on the download link, and it will start downloading the Apk file.
  4. Once downloaded, enable the unknown sources from your mobile settings to install Whatsapp Prime Apk.
  5. Press the close button after the installation process and tap on the app icon to open it.
  6. Enter your active mobile number and get a verification code to set up your whatsapp account.
  7. Tap the backup restore button to get all your data in Whatsapp Prime. Once done successfully, you are ready to use it.

Features of Whatsapp Prime Apk 2022:

There are plenty of customized features in Whatsapp Prime Apk that you can use to make changes in the interface or other privacy settings. There are some features mentioned here.

File Transfer:

You cannot transfer more files at a single time in standard whatsapp as there is a limit for sharing files. You have a long list of files to transfer and must select them repeatedly, which can take more time. Whatsapp Prime has a feature that allows you to transfer 300 files at once. You can share pictures, videos, or other files with any contact without any restriction.

Preview Media:

When somebody sends you a picture or video, you must download it on standard whatsapp first to see it. If you have less storage space and do not want to download such media then Whatsapp Prime is for you. You can view any media without downloading it. You need not download any image or video to see it in Whatsapp Prime Apk.

Disable Answer:

You receive reply messages in chats when you send a message to anyone. If you do not want to receive a message from the other person in conversation, then there is a feature in Whatsapp Prime Apk. You can enable it not to receive messages from any contact. When you disable the answer option for a contact, that person cannot reply to you. You can only send messages to that person but cannot get a reply.

Copy other's status:

If you are using standard whatsapp, you cannot copy the status of any contact. Whatsapp Prime Apk has a fantastic feature that allows you to copy the status of anybody, and you can paste it on your story. It will enable you to copy the same font or emojis that the other person used in his status.

Never get banned:

There are many types of modified whatsapp available on the internet, but most of them have malwares or do not have an anti-ban feature. The developer of Whatsapp Prime Apk uses legal sets of codes and protocols so that the user will never get banned. You can download and install this modified whatsapp without fearing getting banned from whatsapp.

The large size of videos:

You can only send videos up to 17 MB in standard whatsapp. If you want to send a large video, you must trim it. Whatsapp Prime Apk has a feature for media sharing that allows you to send videos up to 70 MB. You can send videos in HD resolution without losing their quality.

Smooth Interface:

Some modified whatsapp has an interface that is hard to use, or there are lag issues. Whatsapp Prime Apk has a straightforward and smooth interface that is very easy to use. You can experience a soothing environment for sending pictures, videos, or messages.

Privacy features upgraded:

Everybody can see you online in the original whatsapp, or you cannot hide your last seen. If you do not want to let anybody see you using whatsapp, then there are some privacy features in Whatsapp Prime. You can use these upgraded features to freeze your last seen. You can conceal double ticks for chats. You can also hide blue ticks to use whatsapp, pretending offline. You can use these features to use whatsapp privately without letting anybody know you are online.

Fully Customization:

You have to download a third-party app to download themes for whatsapp. The standard whatsapp has only a single theme; if you want to apply a new article, you must use those third-party apps. Whatsapp Prime Apk allows you to customize everything, including themes, icon styles, ticks styles, and more. You can customize your whatsapp according to your desire.

Hide date & time:

When you copy a message, the date and time are also copied in standard whatsapp. That date and time will be shown to the other person when you send that copied message. Whatsapp Prime Apk has a feature that you can use to hide the date and time while copying the messages.

Disable call button:

Sometimes you accidentally hit the call button in the chat, and another person gets a call from your side. If you do not want to call anybody, then there is a feature in Whatsapp Prime Apk. You can disable the call button on the chat screen. When you disable it, you cannot make a call with that person. You can also enable it from settings.

Download status:

When you see any contact's status and like it, you have to ask that person to send you that status. The standard whatsapp does not have any feature to download stories of other persons. Whatsapp Prime Apk allows you to download the status of your contacts. It will show you a download button on every status from where you can download that status.

Free Unlimited Calls:

You can make unlimited free calls in Whatsapp Prime Apk. You can do a call with anybody anytime, as you can use this feature without spending a single penny.

More Participants in call:

Whatsapp Prime Apk allows you to add many people to your group or conference calls. You can use this feature to make your group calls more interesting or can do more fun with your friends.

Anti-message delete:

If a person deletes a message for you after sending it, you cannot see it in the original whatsapp. You have to ask that person about that message. Whatsapp Prime Apk has an anti-delete feature for notifications. You can enable this feature, and when somebody deletes a message, It will not delete it for you, and you can read it.

Lock Conversation:

Whatsapp Prime Apk includes a built-in lock feature. You can customize the patterns and pins for each conversation. You can use this feature to make your WhatsApp more secure.

Fake Location:

When you are somewhere and do not want to tell your friends your actual location, you can use this feature of Whatsapp Prime Apk. It allows you to share fake locations with anyone. You can hide your actual location with this incredible feature of this customized whatsapp.

Features of Whatsapp Prime Apk Vs Whatsapp:

Characters Limit:

There is a limit for characters for status in standard whatsapp. You have to post another status if you wish to add more characters. Whatsapp Prime Apk extends the limit of characters up to 4000. It allows you to post length status without any restriction.

Automatic backup:

You have to create a backup manually in some modified whatsapp. Whatsapp Prime Apk automatically creates a backup of your entire data, including all media. You must set a timer for backup, such as daily or weekly. When you put it, whatsapp will automatically create a backup for you.

Emoji Variants:

There is only a single variant of Emoji in the original whatsapp. Whatsapp Prime has different Emoji variants, such as Facebook, iOS, and Twitter. You can download and use them to react to your friend's messages. You do not need to download any other app for it as it is the built-in feature of Whatsapp Prime Apk.

Stylish fonts:

There are plenty of stylish fonts in Whatsapp Prime Apk that you can use to make your chats look more modern. The standard whatsapp does not have this feature, and you cannot change the font in it.

Auto Reply Feature:

Whatsapp Prime Apk has a feature enabling you to send automatic replies to everybody. You can add custom text or use emojis. If you are busy somewhere, you can use this feature to tell your contacts that you are not available right now.

Hide Contact Profile:

Whatsapp Prime Apk allows you to hide the profile picture of any contact. If you do not want to see the profile picture of any person, you can enable this feature, which will hide that profile for you. Original Whatsapp has not this feature.

Voice note bar:

When you play a voice note, the bar color turns blue in the basic whatsapp. You can change the color of the voice note bar in Whatsapp Prime Apk. You can select any color according to your desire and apply it to change the look of the voice note bar in chats.

How to download Whatsapp Prime Apk for Android:

It is not very difficult to download Whatsapp Prime Apk on Android devices. First, you must check that your smartphone has an android version of 4.0 or above if you want to install this customized whatsapp. If you are using a less android version, you cannot install it. You can use Whatsapp Prime Apk with standard whatsapp at the same time. If your smartphone fulfills these requirements, follow these steps to download Whatsapp Prime Apk.

  1. Open the settings of your smartphone first and allow installation from unknown sources.
  2. Close the settings, open the browser, and go to our website to download Whatsapp Prime Apk.
  3. Download the Apk file of Whatsapp Prime and launch the installation setup.
  4. Once installed, launch the app by pressing its icon and entering your mobile number by selecting your country.
  5. Get a verification code, enter it, set up your new Whatsapp account, and enjoy its fantastic and unique features.

How to download Whatsapp Prime Apk for iPhone:

There are some countries where you cannot use the original whatsapp. If you are there and have an iPhone and want to use whatsapp, then you should download Whatsapp Prime. Follow these steps to download Whatsapp Prime on your iPhone.

  1. Open your browser and visit our site to download the Whatsapp Prime Apk file.
  2. Enable unknown sources to install it on your iPhone, select your country, and enter your mobile number.
  3. Get the verification code and make your profile to use whatsapp, and you are ready to use it.

How to backup Whatsapp Prime Apk:

You do not need to manually create a backup in Whatsapp Prime Apk as an automatic feature creates a backup for you. Look for data and chat backup and select an option for creating a backup for chats and media.

You can also use any other third-party application to create a backup of your whatsapp data.

You can also store your backup data in your smartphone by creating a new folder.

Pros of Whatsapp Prime Apk:

  1. There are hundreds of beautiful themes and wallpapers to choose from it.
  2. You can send pictures in HD quality which is not possible in the original whatsapp.
  3. You can lock your entire whatsapp without using any other application.

Cons of Whatsapp Prime Apk:

  1. It is a third-party app and did not verify by play protect.
  2. When you hide the blue ticks, you can receive the messages late.
  3. There could be malware if you did not download it from a trustworthy website.

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Is WhatsApp Mix safe?

Like any remaining mods, WhatsApp Mix isn't perceived by WhatsApp Inc. Along these lines, on the off chance that you use it; you'd be risking being prohibited from utilizing WhatsApp. Subsequently, I recommend that you utilize an alternate record. However, besides that, you are protected from malware, in case that is your concern. 

How do I update WhatsApp Mix?

Make it a propensity to visit WhatsApp Mix on the Whats Mod APKs site since this is the place where you'll track down the most recent variants of WhatsApp Mix. At the point when you need the update, simply click on the download fasten and introduce the APK in your Android gadget. This will consequently refresh your rendition to the most current one.

Do I need to root my smartphone to download Whatsapp Prime Apk?

No, you need not root your device to download this modified whatsapp.

Is it safe to use Whatsapp Prime Apk?

Yes, it is entirely safe to use this customized whatsapp.


Whatsapp Prime Apk is an excellent application with many customized features that you can use to decorate your whatsapp. You can add stickers or download themes. It also allows you to conceal your last seen or profile picture. There is also a built-in lock feature that you can use to protect your whatsapp. Get this cool customized whatsapp from our website, and do not hesitate to tell us about your experience in the comments.

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