Whatsapp Transparent APK 12.4 Latest Version 2022

December 13, 2022

App Name Whatsapp Transparent
Version v12.4
Size 48.8 MB
MOD For Android
Get it On Google Play
Requirement 5.0 or above
Developer Whatsapp Transparent
Last Updated September 27, 2023
Whatsapp Transparent APK 12.4 Latest Version 2022

In this post, we review WhatsApp transparent apk, a new app that allows you to see real-time messages on your WhatsApp chat window. WhatsApp is a communication application. WhatsApp is a messaging application that allows you to send text messages, images, videos, and audio files.

The App was first released in 2009 and has grown to become one of the most widely used messaging applications worldwide. This App is free and has been downloaded millions of times worldwide. WhatsApp has over 1 billion active users. WhatsApp is an open-source instant messaging application. It is available for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, and iOS. This App is available for both mobile phones and computers.

The Transparent Version of Whatsapp messenger:

WhatsApp is the most popular App on both Android and iOS devices. The developers behind this application constantly keep releasing updates to improve their services. Among those improvements are new features. One such feature is a transparent version of the messenger that lets users view the contacts they're communicating with in real-time. However, transparency comes along with some restrictions.

Features of the Whatsapp Transparent Apk:

Better Privacy Features:

One of WhatsApp's greatest features recently introduced is the ability to hide your online status. You can easily switch to WhatsApp without talking to your friends. You can hide the status online if you want to hide it. This is the best way to stay online without your friends knowing you are online. It can change your chat background and have blue text in your chat messages.

Blue text is the best way to read messages without the blue color, which marks the end of a message. You should be able to see the location on a map of where your friend is. With WhatsApp Mobile GPS Plus, you can make sure that you can view your friend's location on a map. It also ensures that the user's location is shown on the map.

If you do not want to use a third-party application, you can make sure you hide the status online by changing the status. You will also have the ability to hide the blue text. This is a good way to ensure that you can see the messages on your phone without your friends noticing that you are reading their messages. You can also take help with the WhatsApp plugin.

Better Customization and On a Larger Scale:

If you use the clear APK version, it will allow you to receive larger files as well. It also gives you a better option to personalize your chats. You can add stickers to your messages. Other features include sending video, audio, and voice notes. You can also use this application for scheduling meetings.

It also allows you to exchange voice recordings. If you have a bad experience with WhatsApp, you should delete the application and install the new one. This will help you to avoid problems. Install the latest version of WhatsApp, so you don't encounter any errors.

DND Mode And Better Anti-ban System:

In addition to this new feature, there are a lot of other improvements. The developers will remove all ads, including those of the system. In the official WhatsApp, there was a small banner ad at the bottom, but they removed this ad so that you can have a clean and clutter-free experience. You don't have to worry about getting charged for using third-party apps or features because this will not happen anymore.

You can share videos, photos, and files without any problem. You will enjoy the best performance and battery usage when you install this version. It's important to note that this version can't be easily installed without your device being rooted. You need to have root access to install this new version.

Large-scale media Exchange:

You can send large files to your friend's mobile phone via WhatsApp. This App supports sending files in different formats. However, you cannot send large files over Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth. Instead, you will have to use your mobile phone's 3G or 4G connection to share large files. This App also supports WhatsApp web chat so you can share large files with your friends on your desktop or laptop.

The best thing is that You can make formats of multiple images and send them and send file types using WhatsApp.

You can also send a voice recording. You can share a picture with text. This App also supports video sharing so you can send large video files. However, you can only share videos less than 60 seconds long. You can use this App to share various other files. This includes documents, presentation materials, and other files.

Enable Unknown Resources:

You have to enable unknown sources in your Android settings before you can download WhatsApp on Android phones. If you don't know what this means, let me explain it to you.

There are two types of sources: authorized and unauthorized. Only apps downloaded from the Google Play store can be used without enabling unknown sources. Apps that come from other sources cannot. You must ensure that you enable unknown sources on your Android device.

To enable them, go to Settings>Apps>Google Play Store and enable Unknown Sources. After that, go back to WhatsApp and select Settings>Privacy>Unknown Sources>Downloads and ensure you have enabled downloads from unknown sources. That's all there is to it.

Is WhatsApp Transparent Secure?

With the growing popularity of WhatsApp, the security issues with this App have increased. Many users have complained about privacy issues. WhatsApp cares about the privacy of its users. The company claims that it cares about its customers and has invested time and resources in developing its product.

Still, many people are worried about the privacy of their messages and conversations. One of the reasons why many people think that WhatsApp is not secure is because they believe that the company that created the App was careless in providing the App to its users.

The App contains ads, which people are not happy about. Some people think that these ads are not user-friendly. They have noticed that the apps contain malicious code. These ads and codes can potentially harm the user's phone. The App also contains some links that people have found unsafe. They have also seen some videos in which people are asking others to install malware.

How to Install the Whatsapp Transparent Apk?

It has 1 billion active users, and it's no wonder this App can be found on almost all smartphones.

However, the original version of the App isn't always the best choice for everyone. If you want to get more privacy into your conversations, you might consider using the WhatsApp transparent apk. This helps you to have access to the full features of the App, but without anyone being able to know what messages you've sent.

Steps to Install whatsapp Transparent Apk:

To install this type of application,

Step 1: Download the APK file of

Download the Apk file through a third party

You can find the App in Google Play Store, but its description is "unavailable." It's also not available for Android TV and Wear devices. To download WhatsApp Transparent, you have to visit another website. Tons of websites can help you download the App, and some will provide a link to the APK file.

You should only use the APK files generated from a reliable website. The developers of the App don't usually generate the APK file from a reliable site. They generate the APK file using the free version of the App. Some of the APK files you can download from third-party websites are malicious. These APK files will be packed with malware.

Enable unknown source

Unknown source" files are very important to you if you want to install some apps on your Android device. You get these files from third-party sources that may contain viruses. You must enable the "Unknown source" feature to avoid getting infected. You must go to "Settings," click on "Security," and then turn the option on. That will allow the unknown source files to be used on your phone.

Select the APK file.

After downloading the file, you need to tap on the APK file to begin the installation process. The installer will ask you for permissions that the application needs access to. You will also need to enable the install APK from unknown sources option.

How to update WhatsApp Transparent APK?

No need to wait for the WhatsApp official app to update your WhatsApp. If you want to update WhatsApp, you can follow the installation process on the website. Once you have downloaded WhatsApp GB plus APK, you don't have to worry about updating it anymore because it is already installed and ready for use.

There are many ways to update WhatsApp GB plus APK from the web. Some people prefer downloading it directly from the internet, while others like installing it via the Android mobile App. Whichever method you choose, you will have to perform the update process.

Follow these steps to install the new version of WhatsApp, and make sure you follow the correct installation method.

  1. First, open your browser and head to the official website. Then, click on the download button on the page.
  2. After clicking the download button, the software will be downloaded. Now that the software has been downloaded, you need to open the downloaded file.
  3. Next, install the file from the Google Play Store. Once the installation is done, you must go to the WhatsApp settings and enable the update notification. You should also click on the link that appears on your screen.

What is Special About Transparent WhatsApp APK?

If virus issues occur on your smartphone or tablet, then you should consider installing the latest version of WhatsApp. The new version comes with lots of amazing features that you are going to love. WhatsApp has been very popular since its release in 2009. In the same year, the new version was launched.

The main problem with this new version is that it has many bugs. Many users complained that their phones' performance decreased due to the presence of bugs. Users could not send messages, make calls, or receive images or videos.

Fortunately, the company fixed all these bugs and released the latest version of WhatsApp, known as the "transparent version." This is the latest version, and you should install it on your phone as soon as possible to enjoy all the new features and bug fixes. The transparency feature makes it easier to see who is sending you messages and allows you to view the background and icons behind your conversations.

How to use the Whatsapp Transparent Apk?

However, the App can send messages to more than just your contacts. If you want to learn how to use the WhatsApp transparent apk, keep reading.

You will notice that you have the option to change the appearance of the App. You can choose from several different themes. You can change the color scheme, and you can adjust the size.

There are two main ways to install this version of the App. One way is to download the file directly, and the other is to copy it into your SD card. You'll need to enable the setting so that you can access the features that come with the application.

You may not like the changes this App makes to your operating system. Therefore, you shouldn't install the App if you don't want to see these modifications.

GB Plus Trasparent Whatsapp:

GB Plus makes your WhatsApp more beautiful. GB plus gives you a transparent WhatsApp, a mirror version of your phone. You can change the color, wallpaper, lock, and theme. In addition, GB plus is compatible with other applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps, etc.

The main advantage of this version of the App is that the presence of the transparent screen is still in effect and can send large files. There is also a hidden mode, which is useful in situations where users do not want the people they are doing.

Another feature is that WhatsApp has changed its privacy options to include more settings, including hiding your online status. In addition, you can personalize the calls and notifications you receive.

Benefits of Whatsapp Transparent Apk:

  • With the transparent apk, you can view the messages on the chat window of WhatsApp without having to use the web version.
  • By using the web version, you can reply.
  • It is much more convenient than using the web version. It is also much easier to use than regular WhatsApp.
  • You can also use the transparent apk to read messages from other people using the App.
  • You can even view the entire conversation history and chat history.













Download Whatsapp Transparent Previous Versions


What is Whatsapp Gold?

WhatsGold, additionally called the WhatsApp Gold release, is one among the different WhatsApp mods out there created by Altornedo7. WhatsGold is a modded form of the well-known informing application that allows you to appreciate highlights that are inadequate in the official version. Nonetheless, a few sources have expressed that the mod contains a virus , yet we guarantee you that it's not the situation, which is the reason you don't need to worry over security issues when utilizing this mod.

What do you need to have if you want to download the Whatsapp Transparent app?

If you want to download the WhatsApp Transparent apk, you will need to have an Android device running 4.0 or later. When you install it, the App will allow you to read any message sent to you by anyone without revealing the sender's contact information. While this may seem useful, there is a catch.

When does the whatsapp transparent Apk app work?

The App only works best when your phone is unlocked and in range of other people's phones. It also requires you to permit them to access your location. You shouldn't use the service if you don't want others to know where you are. On top of this, the transparent mode isn't compatible with all carriers.

Could you enter your phone number and verify it?

To verify the information on your phone, you must enter your mobile number. Once you do that, you will get a verification code. Websites and businesses usually use this to verify identity. Now, you need to enter the verification code in the required box. You can check out the instructions given in the box.

What to do after you are done installing Whatsapp transparent apk?

Once you've installed the file, you should find that you now have access to the entire WhatsApp interface. Don't worry about any of the normal restrictions that come with the standard version of the App.


In conclusion, Transparent WhatsApp Apk app is great for keeping in touch with friends and family. It can be used for business purposes too. For instance, you can send messages to customers to remind them about upcoming events or products.

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