YO Whatsapp iOS Apk Latest Verison 8.9.0

October 28, 2022 By YoWhatsApp

App Name YO Whatsapp iOS Apk
Version v17.30.0
Size 47.6 MB
MOD Anti-ban
Get it On Google Play
Requirement Android 4.0.3 and higher
Developer YO Whatsapp iOS
Last Updated September 27, 2023
YO Whatsapp iOS Apk Latest Verison 8.9.0

YO Whatsapp iOS Apk is one of the best and most used modified versions for iOS users. You can use it to share pictures and videos or communicate with your friends and beloved ones worldwide. It is compatible with all iOS devices, and you can download and install it without any problem on your iPhone. The best thing about this customized whatsapp is that it uses end-to-end encryption, which makes your data fully secure. Many amazing features in YO Whatsapp iOS Apk are absent in the official whatsapp. You can utilize these features to customize the app and make its interface more attractive according to your wish. Some privacy features enhance the security of this modified whatsapp.

Latest Version of YO Whatsapp iOS Apk:

The most recent YO Whatsapp iOS Apk is 2022, which includes completely updated features. The developer enhanced some features and resolved all bugs. You can send larger files without any limitations. It has a huge theme library from where you can look for your favorite theme and apply it. The interface is very user-friendly, and you can also change its style. There are more perks in this modified whatsapp that are unavailable in the basic whatsapp.

Size of YO Whatsapp iOS Apk:

Independent developers develop it, and the file size is 46 MB. It only requires less storage space on your smartphone. Because of its incredible features, which they have never seen, you can astound your friends. You can disable blue ticks and hide your online status. Using a good mobile with an active internet connection, you can easily download and install it.

YO Whatsapp iOS Pro Apk:

It is a customized version of the standard whatsapp that has more premium features that you will not get from the Official whatsapp. You can tweak different settings in YO Whatsapp iOS Pro Apk, such as hiding typing status, disabling forward tags, double ticks, and many more. You can also download your friends' stories without letting them know or copying their status. You can download YO Whatsapp iOS Pro Apk without difficulty as it is free to use.

Features of YO Whatsapp iOS Apk:

Set Auto-reply Message:

One of the best features of YO Whatsapp iOS Apk is that you can use it to send auto-reply for all messages. You can enable this feature if you are on vacation or busy in a meeting. You can type a random message, and when somebody sends you a text, whatsapp will send an automatic reply with that message.

Support Message Scheduler:

If you are using basic whatsapp, you must create a new message by yourself to wish someone a greeting. Sometimes you do not remember and forget about it. YO Whatsapp iOS Apk has an incredible feature that could be very helpful. Using this function, you can plan a text for your colleagues or friends. You have the option to enter a random text and specify a time and a date for it. YO Whatsapp iOS Apk will automatically send that scheduled message at the preferred time.

Privacy Customization:

Suppose you want to keep your online status a secret when talking to someone on WhatsApp.YO Whatsapp iOS Apk has some privacy features for it. You can utilize these features to make your privacy more strict. You can hide your online status, turn off double ticks, hide last-seen activity, and more. You can also disable blue ticks for messages and read them without letting the sender know.

Gif Categories:

The Gif categories are enabled in this modified whatsapp. You can use them to search for Gifs and send them to your friends to express your reaction. You can explore for animation base Gifs or can also send video base Gifs. YO Whatsapp iOS Apk also allows you to shuffle between Gif categories. You can also turn off a category and can use only a single Gif category. The official whatsapp did not have this feature.

Edit Pictures:

You must use an app to beautify a picture if you want to edit it before sending it to your friends. A built-in function of YO Whatsapp iOS Apk enables you to alter a photo before sending it. If you want to upload an image on your status or share it with somebody, you can edit it and make it more beautiful. The best feature of this modified whatsapp is not available in standard whatsapp. You can also zoom pictures.

Conceal Chats:

Suppose you want to hide a chat; you must archive it in the original whatsapp. You can hide chats using YO Whatsapp iOS Apk's special feature. You do not need to archive chats, as you can hide them in your whatsapp. Select a chat you want to hide, press three dots, and tap on the hide option. It will hide that conversation and also stop notifications for it.

Ban Proof:

If you download any other unofficial whatsapp, your account may be banned. Many modified whatsapp is available on the internet, but YO Whatsapp iOS Apk is famous as it is free from ban and secure to use. Its Anti-ban feature is fully updated and stops the users from getting banned so that you can use this customized whatsapp without any fear.

Emoji Changer:

There is only one Emoji variant in the basic whatsapp that you can use to send emojis. YO Whatsapp iOS Apk has plenty of different variants for Emojis. You can select variants from settings to have a different style of Emojis. It also allows you to change the Emoji variant during chats. If you are chatting with somebody, you can quickly shuffle from one Emoji variant to another.

More Themes:

The official whatsapp has only a basic theme. Suppose you are bored using the same theme and want to change it. You have to download an application for it. YO WhatsApp iOS Apk has a vast library of fantastic themes. You can search for your favorite theme and download it to make your interface look more stunning. It also allows you to modify the themes, or you can save them to use later.

More sizes for Videos:

You cannnot send videos that have big in the original whatsapp. You have to split them into small parts to reduce their size. YO Whatsapp iOS Apk increased the limit to share videos. You can send videos up to 30 MB. It also allows you to share HD videos without losing the resolution. You can also send videos to more than three contacts at once.

Share More Images:

The standard whatsapp has a limit to sending pictures. You cannot exceed it and send more than 30 images. If you want to send more pictures, you have to choose them too many times, which can annoy you. YO Whatsapp iOS Apk has an in-app feature that allows you to send 90 images at once in a conversation. You can also send high-definition images without losing their resolution quality.

Support different Formats:

YO Whatsapp iOS Apk supports various formats for sending files. If you have a file with a different format, you may need to send it via email, as the original whatsapp does not support more formats. Additionally, this modified whatsapp allows you to send large files in any format. You can send PDF, ZIP, TXT, or many other files.

Interface Color:

There is a very awesome feature in this customized whatsapp that you can use to change the color of the app interface. You can select any solid color or set it as your whatsapp interface background. It also allows you to select a picture according to your desire, or you can set your profile picture as the interface background.

No Rooting:

There is no need to root your iPhone to install YO Whatsapp iOS Apk. You can download and install it without making any changes to your mobile. You can use this modified whatsapp to make audio or video calls and use its features to forward a message to up to 100 contacts. You can also use other features to customize the app entirely.

Free from Ads:

There are many unofficial whatsapp that contains advertisements. Those ads can disturb you while communicating, and you must skip them. If you want to close them permanently, you must buy a subscription. On the other side, YO Whatsapp iOS Apk has no advertisements, and you can experience an ad-free interface. You can have fun with your buddies and family members without any disturbance.

Contact Details:

You have to save the contact details before sending a message to that person on official whatsapp. YO Whatsapp iOS Apk has a very awesome feature that you can utilize to send a message without saving contact details. You have to enter that number in your YO Whatsapp iOS Apk, and you can send a message or make a call without saving the details.

Disable Blue Microphone:

The microphone icon turns blue when you play a voice note in the basic whatsapp. The sender will know by this that you heard it. YO Whatsapp iOS Apk has a fantastic feature that you can use to play voice notes without letting the sender know. You can disable the blue microphone; it will not turn blue when you tap on the play button.

Hide Voice Note Recording:

When you are chatting with a person and record a voice note, the other person can see it. Sometimes it doesn't feel very pleasant. YO Whatsapp iOS Apk has a solution for it, and you can hide your recording status. When you enable this feature, the other person in the conversation will not be able to see you when you are recording a voice note.

Features of YO Whatsapp iOS Apk Vs Whatsapp:

Download Status:

If someone uploads a video status, you must request that person send it to you if you like it. You must install an application from the play store to download your friend's stories. YO Whatsapp iOS Apk has an in-app feature that you can use to download the status of your contacts. When you press on a status to view it, there is a download button that you can press, and it will save that story in the gallery.

No Forward Tag:

When you send a message of a person to another person, there is a tag on it that shows you forward that message. Suppose you do not want to let the other person know about it. You can remove this tag in YO Whatsapp iOS Apk. You can go to settings and disable forward tags from there and can forward messages without tags.

Pin More Chats:

You can only pin three chats in the basic whatsapp. YO Whatsapp iOS Apk allows its users to pin up to 1000 conversations. It is the coolest feature of YO Whatsapp iOS Apk that official whatsapp does not have.

Notification Icons:

When you receive a message on whatsapp, a notification icon shows with the text. YO Whatsapp iOS Apk allows you to change that notification icon. There is a huge list of notification icons with different colors and shapes. You can choose any icon style from there and utilize it.

How to download YO Whatsapp iOS Apk for iPhone:

It is not very hard to download YO Whatsapp iOS Apk on iPhone. Just pay attention to these steps, and you can download them.

  • Firstly unlock your iPhone and turn on its internet if it is disabled.
  • Open the browser and go to our website to download the Apk file.
  • Look for the download link and press it to start the downloading.
  • Open your mobile settings and go to the security tab to permit unknown sources to install third-party applications.
  • Close settings, go to the download folder and tap on the Apk file to start the installation.
  • Do not close the installation menu until the installation is not finished.
  • After installation of the Apk file, hit on close to exit from that menu.
  • Go to the home screen and look for the app icon to open it.
  • Agree with the terms and policies and provide all the details to create an account.

How to download YO Whatsapp iOS Apk for MAC:

Blue stacks are the first thing you need to install YO Whatsapp iOS Apk on your PC. You can download it from its official website.

  • Enable the internet connection in your PC and open the google chrome browser.
  • Visit our website and look for Apk File in the search box.
  • Download the Apk file from our website and open blue stacks to start the installation.
  • Select the Apk file from the download folder to drag and drop it into the home screen of blue stacks.
  • When you drop the Apk file, the installation process will automatically start, and It will install the Apk file.
  • Open the app and provide a valid mobile number to create an account and enjoy YO Whatsapp iOS Apk on PC.

How to backup YO Whatsapp iOS Apk:

If you want never to lose your data, always create a backup of the data. The same is with whatsapp, and you can create a backup to restore your data if you install whatsapp on a new smartphone. There are many methods to create a backup.

You can open the settings of your YO Whatsapp iOS Apk and navigate to the chat and backup option. Select an option from there to create the chat or media backup. It will store the data on your mobile. You can also use Gmail ID to create a backup.

There are also some applications on the internet that you can download to create an automatic backup of your whatsapp.

Pros of YO Whatsapp iOS Apk:

  • You can customize the interface colors or can change themes.
  • You can copy the status of your contacts and paste it into your whatsapp story.
  • You can lock your whatsapp without installing a third-party app.

Cons of YO Whatsapp iOS Apk:

  • It is an unofficial whatsapp that Google Play Protect does not verify.
  • You have to update it from the internet and check for updates manually.

Download YO Whatsapp iOS Apk Previous Versions


What are the features of WhatsApp B58?

⦁ Fixed downloading status 
⦁ Include all provisions of the authority WhatsApp 
⦁ Based on WhatsApp 2.19.244 
⦁ All stowed away provisions are empowered of course. 
⦁ It incorporates a wide range of security, for example, shroud last seen, disguises the status see, blue tick, twofold tick, composing, against renounce, BOR. 
⦁ Add new talk window 
⦁ Resolved SMS confirmation issues

How do I install WhatsApp B58?

⦁ Reinforcement messages in your present WhatsApp application. Simply go to Settings->Chats->Chat reinforcement to do the reinforcement. 
⦁ Uninstall WhatsApp. 
⦁ Then, at that point, introduce the B58 version. 
⦁ Enter your number to confirm. 
⦁ At the point when Google Play experiences, don't press OK 
⦁ If you press OK, you cannot reestablish your messages. 
⦁ Reestablish y messages.
⦁ Set up your profile, and you are currently good to go

Is it safe to download YO Whatsapp iOS Apk?

Yes, it is fully safe to download this modified whatsapp.

Can I hide chats in this customized whatsapp?

Yes, there is a built-in hide option that you can use to hide your chats.


YO Whatsapp iOS Apk is the modified whatsapp with more perks for its users than the original whatsapp does not. You can make the app's interface more attractive by changing its color. There are also some customized features for privacy that you can use to hide your activities. You can hide you're last seen online status or can also hide your typing status in chats. The best-modified whatsapp allows you to control your whatsapp according to your wish. Download it from our website, and tell us about your experience in the comments.

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