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How to Create a WhatsApp Channel
WhatsApp is a global brand in the digital world of communication and socializing. Its global range and ever-increasing popularity urge WhatsApp to introduce new features all the time. WhatsApp channel is the latest addition to its ever-increasing set of features. This feature is part of other social media platforms like YouTube and others. Social media influencers create channels and share different sorts of multimedia content for their followers. These social media influencers then use their channels ..
How To Create A WhatsApp Channel
WhatsApp Voice and Video Calling
Whatsapp is the most used platform for video and voice calling all over the world. Initially, the platform was designed for simple text conversations for free and instant messaging across the globe. But its free services for global messages earned great popularity. Because at that time, global messaging was very costly. Hence, this free service with end-to-end encryption attracted millions of users.  This popularity & user demands urged WhatsApp to introduce new features. These features ..
WhatsApp Voice And Video Calling
GB Features of GB WhatsApp
One of the prominent reasons for choosing GB WhatsApp over official Whatsapp is its anonymity features. These anonymous features not only boost your WhatsApp experience but also give you the edge over official WhatsApp users. In this article, we will try to put detailed notes on the Anonymity features of GBWhatsApp. GB Features There is a long list of GB features that are not offered by the regular version or any other MODs of WhatsApp. Here we are enlisting some top-notch GB features to boost ..
GB Features Of GB WhatsApp
How to Backup WhatsApp data in GB Whatsapp
GB WhatsApp is a MOD version app that does not have an auto-update feature. So users have to go for manual updates which may lead to data loss. WhatsApp users are always highly concerned about their chats and other WhatsApp data. So every website and GB Whatsapp users suggest data backup before updating the app.  Data backup is also compulsory when you switch to official Whatsapp or any of its other mods. You may also need data backup for your Whatsapp chats and files while switching from one ..
How To Backup WhatsApp Data In GB Whatsapp
How to Update GB Whatsapp 
GB WhatsApp is the most used and highly recommended rejigged version of WhatsApp. It has over 30 million users who enjoy GB features every day. Despite such a huge amount of users and global reach, at the end of the day, it is a MOD version. So there is no official platform or app store that features this GB version of WhatsApp. You always have to use third-party websites to download this GB version and update it to its latest version. Here we will try to explain the simple steps to download, Install, ..
How To Update GB Whatsapp 
Top 5 Whatsapp MODs
WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform with its 2 billion+ users and amazing features. Providing services to such amount of users is not a walk in the park. WhatsApp has to maintain the privacy and security of every single user. For this purpose, WhatsApp brings in very tight privacy & security laws to keep users secure. End-to-end encryption, message reception, and anti-ban are some such features that keep users secure. Where there are security measures, there are plenty of limitations ..
Top 5 Whatsapp MODs
Emoji Magic: Express Yourself on GB WhatsApp
Whatsapp is the biggest communication platform that offers audio/video calling, multimedia sharing, and text conversation. Despite video audio calling & multimedia sharing, text conversation always retained its charms. Billions of text messages are shared every day by WhatsApp users. These text messages also include emojis, GIFs, and avatars to express different feelings and convey messages graphically. Here we will go through Emoji galore of GB Whatsapp and all the graphically expressive emojis ..
Emoji Magic: Express Yourself On GB WhatsApp
Gradual Evolution of WhatsApp
Today WhatsApp is the biggest communication & instant messaging platform with billions of users. It was Nov 2009, when Brain Acton & Jan Koum launched WhatsApp together in the world of digital communication. The name was probably derived from the common English term “What’s Up”. So it was simple that the app gonna help users to communicate conversate and interact with each other. Brain  & Jan had been colleagues at Yahoo for the last 20 years before launching the ..
Gradual Evolution Of WhatsApp
DND Mode on GBWhatsApp
DND stands for “Do not Disturb” and it is a popular feature that is being used in different mobile applications. Despite the huge popularity of this DND mode among mobile users, the official Whatsapp application does not have this feature. But now GB Whatsapp Pro offers this feature for its users. This will allow users to take a break from WhatsApp messages, calls, group chats, and all other notifications. Here in this article, we will try to provide a brief description of What is DND? ..
DND Mode On GBWhatsApp
How to Download Status on GB Whatsapp
Are you willing to download a Whatsapp status of your friend? Then don’t go for any additional status downloader as you can do it with your GBWhatsapp app. WhatsApp is the world's number 1 instant messaging app for end-to-end encrypted conversations. This instant messaging platform has tons of features and out of this plethora of features, Whatsapp status is the most popular one.  Users post short videos, photos, and text statuses. These statuses are available to all contacts in the list ..
How To Download Status On GB Whatsapp