Gradual Evolution of WhatsApp

Gradual Evolution Of WhatsApp

Today WhatsApp is the biggest communication & instant messaging platform with billions of users. It was Nov 2009, when Brain Acton & Jan Koum launched WhatsApp together in the world of digital communication. The name was probably derived from the common English term “What’s Up”. So it was simple that the app gonna help users to communicate conversate and interact with each other. Brain  & Jan had been colleagues at Yahoo for the last 20 years before launching the Whatsapp App. So there was good chemistry and understanding between the two which resulted in a great turnout as WhatsApp was launched. 

Initially, the app only focused on instant messaging with global reach. In 2014, Brain Acton & Jan Koum handed WhatsApp to Facebook for a whopping amount of US$19 billion. Though it was a reasonable amount watching the popularity and global success of WhatsApp these days. One can easily say that Brain Acton & Jan was paid a very small amount for such a big communication giant. 

Revolutionary Whatsapp Features

From 2009 to today, plenty of things have changed in WhatsApp. Many exciting and world-class features have been added to the WhatsApp App during this time. Here we will go through some noteworthy additions of astonishing features of WhatsApp.

Text Conversation

This was the basic & purpose foundation of this app. This feature and this app were designed to provide instant text conversations for users across the globe. Instant text conversation was in this app from day one and is still very popular among the users with its tons of modifications across the time period.

Media File Sharing

After getting huge applause for its text conversations, Whatsapp soon introduced the media sharing feature. Its media-sharing feature allowed users to send document files, and share images and videos. This turned this chat conversation app into a multimedia communication platform. 

Location Sharing

The media file-sharing feature was followed by location sharing. With this feature users, can share live locations from their devices directly to their contacts on WhatsApp. This helped a lot in finding and reaching different destinations more easily using Google Maps live location. 

Calling Feature

This was the greatest innovation that completely revolutionized this platform. There was a time when users had to pay heavy charges for international calls. In this situation, the emergence of a platform that offered free audio and video calls was accepted by users on both hands. Millions of users turned to this platform with no time to enjoy free high-quality video & audio calls without country restrictions or heavy call charges. 

Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp group was later introduced for group conversations among multiple users. Moreover, the group feature also allowed multimedia sharing and group calling. 

WhatsApp Status

This was another great addition to this instant messaging platform. This feature become very popular in no time. Almost every Whatsapp user posts a status or two every single day. Hence, counting the great success of the WhatsApp platform. 

In addition to all those major evolutionary changes in WhatsApp, there are plenty of other small features. These include last seen time, message delivery tick, read recipient, black list, and many others. Through these changes and innovations, WhatsApp has now become a platform for every user in the world. 

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